URGENT: Travel warning for non-U.S. citizens

The President has issued Executive Orders making it difficult or impossible for certain immigrants to return to the U.S. after a trip abroad.  This applies to anyone who is not a U.S. citizen, even individuals with lawful permanent residence who have traveled abroad before. 

If you are a citizen or national of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, […]

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Work Permits for Asylum Seekers Are Now Valid for Two Years

Starting last month, asylum seekers eligible for work permits will be issued work permits that are valid for two years.  Previously, work permits were valid for only one year.   The filing fee for the work permits has not changed.

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USCIS’s Fees Will Increase on December 20, 2016

Starting December 20, many of USCIS’s filing fees will increase by about 20%.  If you have been holding off on sending a petition for a relative, a citizenship application, green card application, or another USCIS form and you want to avoid paying the new, higher fees, USCIS must receive your application prior to December 20. […]

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USCIS Extends TPS for Nepal

USCIS announced on October 26, 2016 that it has extended TPS for Nepal.  TPS is now valid through June 24, 2018.  If you are a citizen of Nepal and currently have TPS or a TPS application pending, you may be eligible to extend your status.  The filing deadline is December 27, 2016 so do not […]

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Part of President Obama’s new immigration policies are still on hold as an Appeals Court determines whether the policies are legal

As discussed in the April 17, 2015 article in The New York Times, the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit is currently entertaining arguments from attorneys arguing for and against the legality of part of President Obama’s immigration policies, view which he laid out in November 2015. The new programs would expand the DACA […]

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Federal Judge in California rules that ICE cannot detain women and children at “family” detention facilities

As reported by MSN,  U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee held that ICE was violating a prior settlement agreement when it detained women and children immigrants. The Judge gave ICE and the individuals who filed the lawsuit until June 24, 2015 to reach an agreement, and absent an agreement, the Judge will issue her own decision […]

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